Dear Visitor!

Welcome in London, in the most recognized centre of education for many centuries. My college, funded here, is the centre of the unique education system that could be found in Budapest and in Zurich.

Holding several decades of experience in education, my very own “galfschool” method shows many similarities with the English techniques, so the English education is the most important for me amongst all. This method is mainly based on approaching education from the side of student activity. In any case we introduce the most up-to-date technologies and methods to our education as soon as possible. We could be joined from any parts of the world.

Our goals are to raise the thirst of knowledge, practice oriented education, preparing students for life and educating businesspeople hungry for success, who have great plans to make the world a better place.     

In England we are accredited to three bodies, ATHE, CTH, and LCCI, who ensures high quality training and qualifications accepted all over the world.

We offer education in the fields of business management, tourism management and healthcare management and offer English qualifications, for those who have already hold a diploma we can offer postgraduate education, but our qualifications and trainings are being broadened continuously as required.

Students at our school have the unique opportunity to learn in Budapest, London and Zurich for shorter or longer period of time.  

Education Prof. Galgóczi Ferenc DBA